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by Ron Lemen

I play Netflix in the background while I work.  Most shows I just listen to, there is no real need to watch them, especially documentaries that mostly state facts.  Every now and again, a show will come along that I either lose valuable time crunching through as quickly as I can or assign it to a “later date”.

A new season of Sabrina was advertised not too long ago on my subscription page so I hit play before I started working, and lost a morning to a few episodes, er, a few mornings to a several episodes.  The sets are fantastic, the lighting just right, and the cast and their performances are awesome.

I get inspired by good products and can sometimes fanboy out on them, and this show is no exception.  I did this comic cover-like piece (12 x 19″) of Sabrina levitating with her hands flaming up in to about 600 degrees, with Salem under her levitating feet and the horns of some evil dude we all know framing the space she is hovering in.  She is his captive in the frame, her hands showing the strength she will need to break free from it.  One horn is broken signifying her desire to break that bond and change the evil system for good.

Salem and the horns of Hades are painted in metallic paints, gold and copper, properties of alchemy and magic.  The inner oval are the colors of the earth that mortals live in, the surrounding colors represent the Dark Lord’s world.

“Sabrina” is 12″ x 19″ on illustration board, done in graphite, ink, acrylic and oil.  She can be in your home warding off dastardly spirits and bugs and other critters of torment for $500.

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I am an instructor, illustrator, concept artist, painter, juggler and read books a lot. I live in Southern California.