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We make it possible for everyone to be an art collector. You don’t need tons of wall space, and you don’t need tons of money. You just need good taste and our hand-picked roster of artists.

Every Day Original is a collaboration between Drawn + Drafted and our favorite artists. We help our artists post and sell original works to the growing market for small originals. Take a look at their profiles to learn more about your favorites and where to find them.


We love art, and lucky for us, we get to see lots of it every day. We would love to see yours! Submit a url to your portfolio or even just a page with images of your original artwork.


Work must be original, unique, one of a kind. No prints, limited editions, reproductions, or embellished work.

That’s pretty much it.

What to expect

We get a lot of submissions and we look at every single one. We don’t send replies to every submission. If you don’t hear from us it means your work isn’t right for EDO, or maybe just not right now.

For non-submission communication, just email us.