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Magnum Sanguinem Tinea

by Breeyn McCarney

The piece measures 8 inches by 10 inches. The sequins are all drawn, cut and hand-sewn onto illusion fabric stretched in a pine frame.

This piece looks different from every angle, the light playing with the many layers and colours to create depth and movement. Ready to hang.

The Magnum Sanguinem Tinea is more colloquially known as the bloodmoth or blooderfly. There are entomological debates over the classification of this species as a moth, as it also shares traits with butterflies – the resting position of the wings, the hinge attachment to the thorax, and the hard chrysalis that larvae pupate in. The body shape and feathered antennae are moth characteristics which is likely what lead to the classification.

Moths are typically nocturnal – anecdotal evidence suggests that bloodmoths are also active during the day.

Due to their rarity, studying them has been difficult – they die almost immediately in captivity regardless of life stage. It has not yet been possible to hatch their eggs or cocoons in a lab setting. In the wild, the chrysalides only hatch every three years, the larva essentially in a suspended state once they complete their metamorphosis. It is agreed between experts that the metamorphosis itself does not take three years – though lab analysis has been limited and largely unsuccessful, the caterpillar metamorphoses in the same length of time as typical butterflies and large moths – it is unclear why the hatching is delayed.

There is a lot of mythology around this rare insect. They lay their eggs in fresh decaying orgnanic material, leading to the belief that they cause death in animals and humans. There is no evidence to suggest this is true. They feed on pollen and some suppurating mushrooms, like Bleeding Fairy Helmets (Bleeding Mycena).

Bloodmoths were considered sacred in some cultures – at one point in history their wings were considered an aphrodisiac or to strengthen virility. On nights before important battles, warlords would consume a special elixir containing the crushed wings.

Product Height: 8 inches
Product Width: 10
Product Depth: 2.5 inches

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Breeyn McCarney is an artist and designer based in Canada. After a decade designing custom couture fashion specializing in traditional hand-embellishment including embroidery and beading, she now creates 3D light-reflective pieces using those same techniques blended with hand-cutting, painting and shaping sequins. She twists natural and supernatural themes, merging science and fairytales to lure the viewer into believing in everyday magic. Flowers, insects, anatomy and mythical creatures are her favourite themes. Bones and bugs.