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Fairy meets Dragon

by April Solomon

A story is shared here between two very ancient magical companions. The dark fairy recounts the tale of something worth sharing. The magical dragon smiles with great interest and longing to hear more from his timeless woodland friend. A final detail to be shown here is upon the very bottom side of the panel you can see a small treasure chest buried in plain sight.

This tiny original illustration was painted on a wood panel using acrylics on all four sides. The painting has been sealed with a satin clear finish to protect the artwork.

The wood panel is 5″ x 7″ x 1.50″

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April Solomon is an illustrator and fine artist who has currently earned her bachelor’s degree in illustration at the Laguna College of Art and Design. April’s passion for learning the old masterful techniques of traditional drawing and painting are precisely what inspires her work.
Among her love for the fine arts is her unique appreciation for whimsical high-fantasy, which adorns every image of her portfolio. April's meticulous creature designs aim for what is known as “fantastic realism.” A clever, concise understanding of anatomy, plants, and mysterious textures
weave their way into her illustrations, leaving the viewer guessing at origins, influences, and ancestry. April’s work allows the viewer to dive imaginatively deeper, and reconsider whether dragons might be real, or whether werewolves exist to stalk the streets at night.
When not illustrating, April attends garage sales to unearth buried treasures, runs and lifts weights, or braves as many haunted attractions as possible during the month of October.