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Welcome home

by Dianita

On top of the highest volcano in Mexico lives a mysterious character. The figure of a lady is often seen coming down of the top, traveling to different parts of the land. It is said that she’s searching for dragon eggs.

When she finds them, she brings them back to the volcano. Up on the top, only the lucky ones are able to see a huge altar if that’s how we can call it. A coiled feathered snake made out of stone sits on top of a very hot arrange of rocks. The woman carefully places the new eggs and it’s there to welcome every baby dragon that comes out. She extends her hand with love, whispering “welcome home” to each and every one.

But where did this dragons eggs come from? Well, Mexico is a place of magic. It’s said that once, when dragons roamed the Earth they visited each piece of land in the planet. When ages changed, and dragons disappeared, the intense warmth of the creatures was gone. The eggs lay dormant now, waiting for that heat source to wake and develop. From that same magic this woman appeared and looks for them in another dimension we might never see. The baby dragons are not alone anymore, no matter their breed. They found a new home, a place between ages of Earth where magic thrives.


I started this painting during a SmArt School class with Donato Giancola. It was my first try at finishing something I’ve never done before. I finished it months later, but I’ve only exhibited it once in ArmadilloCon in 2022. It is the first time I offer it to a wider audience.

I got my inspiration from Mexico and its diversity. If you look at the history of my country, you can see an incredible number of descendants of many many nationalities.

The magic resides in the hearts and actions of the people who look out for the travelers who are passing by. They care and nurture them as much as their possibilities allow. Until the travelers continue their journey in search of the dream of a better place.

I thought of Mexico and the kind people who live there. The kind people doing all what they can for others. They’re the nest, the warm embrace and the hand extended with love.

Other information:

This painting measures 11in x14in. I created it with oils on illustration paper. It is framed.

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Dianita is a fantasy artist born in Veracruz, Mexico. She has found that Fantasy provides her with the perfect language to portray her deepest emotions. It's where she finds freedom to explore fears, hopes and that wish for connection between all living creatures and our world.

Cover artist for Mermaids Monthly magazine (April 2021). Artist for "The Unbridled Spirit Tarot" (Llewellyn, 2024).