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by Kaysha Siemens

Shamelessly inspired by astronomical events of the past week, and squeaking in just under the wire! You guys know I absolutely can’t resist a cool moon related thing, or an excuse for clouds and stars.

I’m cutting it so close that my images are unfortunately poor quality phone photos, which I will replace with better images within a day, if the piece hasn’t already sold by the time it’s daylight again and I get a chance. As soon as the piece is fully dry I will also varnish it, which will protect it and will make the colors and contrast far lovelier and deeper.

[Edit: now updated with a high quality scan! The scan image is very faithful to the colors and tones of the original, but I am leaving the other images in place as well as they add to the sense of the physical piece.]

Oil on panel, 4×6 inches. Outer dimensions of the frame are 7 1/8 x 9 1/8 inches.


To see more of my work, visit my website at www.kayshasiemens.com, and follow me @kayshasiemens on Twitter and Instagram. If you’d like to ask any questions about the piece, my email is kaysha.siemens@gmail.com.

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I was born and raised in Canada, and now make my home near Asheville, NC, USA. My work is primarily figurative and narrative. I work mainly in oil and graphite. My current primary focus is Mnemosyne, an ongoing project inspired by Greek myth.

My goal is the object of beauty, but that goal is achieved through engagement in process, and neither aim is worthwhile without meaning and intention. I seek to talk about the ordinary with the language of story, to arrest with exquisite imagery, and ultimately to leave viewers with a feeling, a lingering sense, that they have had a brush with the sublime.