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by Jeff Echevarria


On the fifth day after the gruesome ambush at Crow Haven, King Rion and his elite company of elven hunters were surrounded by Guruck, a formidable snow giant lord, and his army of ogres and goblin mercenaries. The Rion army found themselves outnumbered and cut off from any escape route, resulting in their retreat from the small town to take refuge at Eldiran Keep, the ancestral home of Quilrahne Tuhl. Despite the overwhelming situation, Ashlynn Rion, the king’s daughter, climbed to the rooftop amidst the howling snow and sleet. There, she stood tall and released Pyg, the last messenger hawk, in a desperate attempt to call for reinforcements from Castle Rion. Ashlynn was painfully aware of the slim chances of the troops arriving in time to save the few remaining survivors of their company. As Pyg disappeared into the tempest, Ashlynn wiped the tears from her face, leaving behind dirt and blood smears. She completed a silent prayer, asking for divine grace and strength for herself and her father under the immense pressure of the situation. She then looked towards her father, King Rion, who was wounded and struggling yet determined to lead his people through this ordeal. The heavy burden of the crown weighed upon him, but he remained steadfast and resolute. The princess blew a kiss skyward, symbolizing her love and faith, and prepared herself for the final stand against the overwhelming odds. The snow and sleet continued to howl around her, and the sound of Guruck’s army grew louder by the second. Yet, Ashlynn stood firm, ready to fight until the very end.

21″x21″ (unframed)
Charcoal and graphite powder

© 2024 † Jeff Echevarria
Product Width: 21 inches
Height: 21 inches

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Jeff Echevarria

I’m a New Jersey-based Artist and designer specializing in Charcoal and Graphite Powder.
I hope you enjoy the wide variety of the subject matter, ideas, and the roller coaster of emotion.

“Go, then there are other worlds than these.”
—Stephen King