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Maiasaura Nest

by Owen Weber

Maiasaura, meaning “good mother lizard”, lived during the Late Cretaceous period mainly in North America.  Their fossils have been found in great herds surrounding nests, showing the first known evidence of dinosaurs feeding and caring for their young in nests.  The young Maiasaura were shown to walk on their hind legs, but as they grew to be very large adults, they walked on all fours.  Amazingly, it is thought that some herds of Maiasaura could grow to as large as 10,000 dinosaurs!  This was most likely their best defense against predators, large numbers, because otherwise they seem quite defenseless.

My wife recently gave birth to our second child, so I felt this was the time to do a Maiasaura piece.  I always find it interesting which dinosaurs actually cared for their young and which let them fend for themselves.  Nature can be quite cruel, but Maiasaura are kind of the patron saints, in the dinosaur world, of being caring parents.

Product Height: 5"
Product Width: 7"
Product Surface / Material: Oil on Paper on Masonite

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