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Miles Away study

by Genevieve May

Painted on a wooden stump, ”Miles Away” is about missing someone far away. This is the sister painting to “Remember Me” that I did earlier this year. This painting’s meaning for me has changed over time. The original painting “Remember Me” was about our dying environment and animal extinction, but this study now has more to do with missing someone, yearning to be in another place other than where you are. My friend recently moved to Colorado and is having a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle of a new place. I told her to go on a hike to get her mind off things. She took many beautiful photos of the landscape that day and sent them to me. The colors happened to be the same color scheme as the painting I was working on. I then decided to paint in some of the reeds and plants that she took pictures of. This was the moment I realized the painting had sprouted an entirely different meaning for me, so I changed the name. This painting now reminds me of her walking alone in the mountains of Colorado trying to find her happy place.

Product Height: 15 1/2"
Product Width: 11"

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