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by Nina Pommelin

Ilmarinen struck fire,
Väinämöinen sparked flashes,
With three feathers of Kokk


There are many different versions of the origin story of fire in Finnish mythology, but in almost all of them Kokko, the great eagle, is a common factor. Depending on the source, the first fire was either sparked by using three feathers of Kokko, or the bird itself created a bolt of lightning with its wingstroke, setting a tree ablaze. Kokko was literally the personification of fire, thunder and lightning. The word “ukkonen” means thunder in Finnish.

Painted in ink, white poster color and gold medium on 300 g/sqm Arches hot press watercolour paper. The painting is unframed.

Product Height: 29,7 cm / 11'4 in
Product Width: 21 cm / 8'3 in
Product Surface / Material: 300 gsm Hot Press Watercolor Paper

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Nina Pommelin, appearing online as ShinonArt, is an artist based in Finland who specializes in creature design and creating realistic and visually believable illustrations.

Nina works flexibly in digital and traditional media and her traditional work is done in watercolours and inks. Nina's work is inspired by nature, fantasy and folklore, especially Finnish mythology and its animistic features, which she explores a lot in her work.