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Two of Cups/Ghost Orchid and Pond Apple

by Kevin Jay Stanton

These two plants in conjunction provide a symbiotic environment for a special pollinator. The Ghost Orchid is an elusive epiphyte that co-evolved with a single pollinator – the giant sphinx moth, Cocytius antaeus, whose larvae feed on the pond apple. In this way, they form a small harmonious ecosystem on their own. The cups are pottery made by the Calusta & Tequesta people who lived in the Everglades where these plants are still found.

DIVINATORY – A relationship existing in perfect harmony. Symbiosis, reciprocity.
REVERSE – A conflict causes discord. Focusing on one thing at the expense of all others.

(From Botanica, my upcoming tarot deck with Beehive Books, featuring magical herbs and plants that broke publishing and tarot records on Kickstarter)

6x8x.5″, acrylic and ink on wood

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Freelance illustrator with a green thumb and an xacto knife.

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