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The House of Flowers

by Tiffany Dae

Emily has always been connected to flowers. When she was small she’d often helped her mother in the garden tending all kinds- though her favorites were roses, peonies, and violets. If she shut her eyes very tightly she’d hear their whispers in the air.

Flowers are happy things, really. Happy to be exactly as they are- content to spend lazy afternoons reaching their faces up towards the sun. That’s one of the reasons Emily is so drawn to them.

The House of Flowers is an oil painting on acm panel. It is 7.5″ x 11.5″ and framed.



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Dae is an imaginative realist painter born in Hawaii to migrant parents from Cuba and India. Raised with a passion for culture and environment, she’s evolved masters’ classical oil painting techniques into otherworldly and imaginative works.

Dae studied classical painting techniques at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, WA. Since graduating she has been working diligently in her studio to bring fourth postcards from another world.