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The Floating Palace of Ali Mansour

by Mark Harrison

Another of my Orientalist paintings that people seem to like! Here is the back story:

Ali Mansour ruled a small Rajput kingdom in an isolated corner of Rajasthan and continued to do so after he made a deal with the British Raj to fall in line with their policies and intentions. In return for his cooperation he was left alone to live as he lived before in splendid isolation. He built himself a palace in the lake where he would stay in the summer months to escape the heat. As he grew older the luxurious lifestyle began to take it’s toll as he retreated into a drugged torpor of indulgence and satiation. When he grew weaker in power his eldest son who was appalled by his father’s indolence and fealty to the Raj overthrew his father in a night time attack and had him incarcerated in the fort that overlooked the lake where his father spent the remainder of his days forever looking out at his floating palace, haunted by the memories of what once was.

Or did I just make that up?

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Painted over 450 book jacket illustrations for most major UK and USA publishers, quit illustration in 2005 to paint personal work for sale in galleries. I now work in a variety of fields from fantasy paintings to fine art paintings and have been a regular exhibitor in the Main Show at IX for the past five years.