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Ten of Cups/Medinilla

by Kevin Jay Stanton

Also known as pink grapes, medinilla grow high in the branches of large rainforest trees of the Philippines, requiring no soil to grow. Overhead, their bombastic inflorescences cascade down in intricate bouquets of pink and purple, attracting many types of bees to them. The cups are palayoks, a clay pot that cooks by sealing in steam. 

DIVINATORY – Flights of fancy, pipe dreams. A happy fantasy. Blissful ignorance.
REVERSE – There is a need to become detached, from either a person or a situation.

(From Botanica, my upcoming tarot deck with Beehive Books, featuring magical herbs and plants that broke publishing and tarot records on Kickstarter)

6x8x.5″, acrylic and ink on wood

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Freelance illustrator with a green thumb and an xacto knife.

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