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Pipe Dreaming, Farley

by Stephen Sengebush

A golden morning

I keep finding myself returning to Farley.  Not just because it has some of the best climbing in New England, but also because it has history for me.  Farley is where I met some of my best friends when I was brand-new to the area, and just getting over the sadness of leaving home behind.  It’s where I re-started my painting practice, and a place I return to when it feels like the well is running dry.  And of course Pipe Dreams itself (as the rock is named), is simply one of the most beautiful pieces of stone I’ve ever seen.  It’s funny, but every time I paint it, I feel like there’s something new to learn, a new way of describing it’s texture, the way the light reflects into it as it juts into the sky.

Pipe Dreaming, Farley” is an original oil painting, 15″x11,” oil on stretched canvas, and mounted in a rustic black wood frame

Product Depth: 2 inches
Product Width: 15 inches
Product Height: 11 Inches
Product Surface / Material: Oil on canvas

$350 $350

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Stephen is a plein-air and studio painter specializing in landscapes both real and imagined. He can usually be found in the woods of Western Massachusetts at early morning, capturing the interplay of light and shadow as sun filters down into New England's many brooks and cascades.