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Dawn of Hope

by Matsya Das

“The shining dawn of hope arises from within, scattering the shadows away. Shadows that once took over the entireness, now lay broken apart. Light purges shadow, as hope purges the fear of deception. “


Watercolors, ink and colored pencils on hot pressed watercolor paper.

The painting comes with a new frame and passepartout, but glass will be removed so there is no danger when mailing.

8.6” x 11” framed

6.4” x 8.6” unframmed


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Hey! My name is Matsya Das. I'm an inhabitant of the many realms that my mind wanders, and drawing and painting have always been tools to physically recreate these places, materialize their essence and share them with others. Since my childhood, I have always been impressed with the artwork of artists of yore; and their depictions of gentle fairies, mystical mountains and magical forests. These subjects enticed my own journeys and freed my young imagination.
Spirituality also holds a place of its own in my life. Being a Hare Krishna devotee for the past 10 years has humbled me in regarding the wonders of this universe and also the transcendence. Nedless to say, my spiritual journey is an intrinsical part of both the subjects and aesthetic of my work.