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by Alexandra Verhoven

Queen Cassiopeia, otherwise known as the “W” constellation, is the 25th largest constellation in the night sky. In Greek mythology she boasted that her beauty surpassed that of the Nereids, much to the dismay of their father, Nereus, the god of the sea. Her vanity initially separated her from her daughter Andromeda as punishment for her words, but she instead was later banished to the stars to live out her sentence. Here I depicted Cassiopeia crowned by stars in all her haughty beauty.

Metallic gold watercolor paints were used for some of the stars and shine when light hits it at a certain angle.

This piece is 8″ x 8″ and comes matted with a custom black frame measuring at 13″ x 13″

Product Height: 8 inches
Product Width: 8 inches
Product Surface / Material: Mixed Media on Stonehenge Paper
Product Framed size: 13" x 13"

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Alexandra (b. 1994) is an artist based in Toms River, New Jersey.

Alexandra creates oil paintings and mixed media drawings depicting figurative, imaginative realism art. She attempts to give form to things that are insubstantial, such as goals, dreams, and feelings of hope and longing. Elegant characters inhabit ethereal atmospheres that encompass their story. Her use of lighting creates ephemeral scenes that are meant to encourage the viewer to insert their own experiences with fleeting feelings and special moments in their lives.

Her painting technique is inspired by classical methods of oil painting involving a tonal underpainting, and color built up over multiple layers.

Her drawings are mixed media pieces often utilizing graphite, charcoal and pan pastels along with many other experimental mediums.