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by Laura Garabedian

Aussie-Tree’s are known to be tempestuous trees. while they bounce about in joyous gales of their own making they are difficult to picnic under as they are known to bounce after wayward birds if they feel so inclined.

About my TreeCreatures:
When I began my freelance career I began it with roadtrips. Driving from city to city the mind wanders on the open road. And the kudzu covered mounds of trees crept and crawled by the roadside, conjuring the forms of monolithic animals. I always saw, in these vast forest borders, enormous bears, coyotes, and wolves wandering slowly in a strange forested way.

Within my first year of this venture I had some ask for a tattoo design of a ‘wolf made of trees’ and suddenly the walking forests had a form.
Original is 9″x12″ Ink on Bristol, signed in the lower right – this art comes unframed

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My childhood was spent moving, changing locations and school environments. My constant companions became a dragon’s horde of fantasy novels and my animals. This connection to creatures through the lens of fantasy has always been a touchstone for my work.

Through the years, I’ve experimented with many different media, wandering many paths. Now I’ve settled into the twin focuses of watercolor and oils. I find the dichotomy of their approach refreshing, and each time my hands move from one to the other I approach my work with new ideas and a cleaner view of where I should go.

Art is a way for my to communicate my love of the natural world and the fantasy I see within it. I think that the creation of a narrative around wildlife and fantastical animals can lead people to see the world and the many lives encompassed within it with more compassion and joy, returning the wonder of childlike curiosity to their lives.

I enjoy employing abstract backgrounds with minutely detailed subjects. The duality of the abstract work with small areas of focus lets the viewer fill in parts of strange color fields with their own story. My inspiration from nature and the narratives I like to weave around the strange beasts in my paintings lets me tell soundless stories to those who wish to explore them. In my paintings, bears covered in moss and trailing mushrooms emerge from the mist, gryphons dive from heights unknown with jewelry trailing them, and sphinxes ask questions unheard from behind blank masks. Where they come from, and what they want to say is left for those who watch them to determine. I hope through my work people can find a bit of mystery, of that wonder you have as a child making shapes in clouds, imagining what monster is in the closet, and making each walk in the woods a journey that may take them to Narnia, to Middle Earth, or to a world of their own making.