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Oya (Dance of the Summoner I)

by Odera Igbokwe

“The empress of wind and sky,

Oya adorns herself in tempests

and greets souls at the gateway to the afterworld.”

/Oya Wemilloro e/

Oya (Dance of the Summoner I)

Acrylic on board.

12 x 16 + Frame



This portrait is part of my fantasy RPG world exploration.

I’ve been reimagining classic RPG archetypes (Knight, Mage, Archer, etc), which has lead to envisioning the Summons (or Final Fantasy-esque Espers/Eidolons/Aeons) of this world.

So for my first Every Day Original we have a portrait inspired by Oya, the Nigerian (Yoruba) Orisha of the winds.

Super excited to continue exploring the pantheon of nigerian-diasporic mythologies and how they can be transformed and alchemized into my own personal grimoire~!

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Assistant and part of team Every Day Original.
Odera is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design,
where they earned their BFA in Illustration.
At Brown University, Odera studied movement-theater
and west African dance with New Works/World Traditions.
As an illustrator, Odera loves to explore storytelling through character archetypes, afro-diasporic mythologies, and magical girl transformation sequences. In Odera's spare time, you can find them taking plenty of dance breaks , discussing the identity politics of RPG characters, and trying to combo break the internet.


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