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by Emma Lauren

“Masks. The ones we choose out of need, out of fear… to hide and protect ourselves. Where does the mask end and the self begin? Can there be a self when all experience is through one mask or another? Does the self unravel when the masks are cut away? The indomitable self will insist through all intransigence.”

–Emma Lauren Anderson

An illustration exploring the concepts of identity, expression, passion, and regret; a seraphim abomination, simultaneously ethereal and serene while still otherworldly and inhuman.

size: 14" x 17"

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Emma Lauren works in traditional painting and drawing media -- markers, gouache, oil, and watercolor -- with a focus on graphite. Her work focuses on an exploration of identity, trauma, and joy; invoking imagery from mythology, and interpolating figures and symbolism of her own creation. Her figures are situated in elevated, ethereal, fantastic environments: environments of ascension, liberation, and most of all, of unconfined elation. Eschewing strict techniques, Emma Lauren applies the graphite using multiple disciplines and materials, to convey the versatility, subtlety, and expression of the graphite itself... a joy of drawing.

Emma Lauren is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and a Designer and Artist living in the Greater Boston area.