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Tune Into Your Void

by Aria Fawn

The stations cleared, the humming dimmed, and my restless mind opened to the voices within.

Foxes are creatures who listen and observe. They are quiet, intelligent cousins of the wild, and as such, I feel they are the perfect guides to help us tune into our own listening when we feel the static has tried to silence our inner voices.

Watercolor and 24k gold leaf on panel in an antique Italian frame.

Product Height: 8"
Product Width: 5.5"

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My name is Aria Fawn and I am a self-taught artist working full time out of my home studio. Though born in the otherworlds, I was mostly raised in Colorado where I live to this day ♡

My oneiric, dark and surreal art style is inspired by dreams, nature, and nostalgia.

My work mainly features animals with whom I seek to tell stories and offer an open discussion with the viewer.

Much of my work also deals with emotional underlying subjects surrounding mental health and difficult life situations portrayed through fantasy. My aim is to capture real and identifiable human emotions through animal fables, and give viewers a sense of sanctuary.

Aside from nature and animals, music has perhaps one of the most immense influences on my work, which has led to me getting to work on a number of album covers for musicians all over the world.

On the occasions I am not locked away in the studio, I spend my time exploring the otherworldly planes of the earth with my canine familiar, Shinigami, or else writing, sculpting, and obsessing lovingly over dead things.