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Treasure Hoard

by Evelyne Park

The little Betta Dragon looks peaceful as he lies on his hoard of sea shells, but if you try and approach, that might quickly change…


Betta fish are famously territorial and aggressive, so in my dragon fish series, I wanted to both showcase their beauty and hint at their protective and possessive nature. While painted in acrylics, I approached this piece much as I would a botanical illustration in watercolors, slowly building up color in thin layers – but then used acrylics with heavy brush strokes at the very end for final touches.

Painted on heavy 640 gsm Lanaquarelle HP 100% cotton watercolor paper, with a natural paper border at the top, unframed

21 x 25 cm / 8.2 x 9.8 inches

Product Surface / Material: 100% cotton watercolor paper

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Evelyne Park is a Swiss artist living in South Korea.
With her roots in scientific visualization, she loves combining elements from botanical and medical illustration with fantasy art. When she's not sketching strange creatures, she illustrates for games, books, and fairy tales.