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Knight of the Nautilus

by Matthew Spencer

Never one to back down from a challenge, this blustery defender of the coast is always ready for a battle – of wits, words, or blades.

Inspired by crashing waves on rocky shores, by stormy skies, and by objects just a bit more beautiful than they are practical.

Painted in watercolor, and gouache on 140lb Arches hot press paper. Accented with metal leaf, and framed in a carved wooden frame.

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Matthew Spencer is a queer illustrator from southeast Michigan.

He works primarily in ink, watercolor and gouache (often embellished with metal leaf), creating pieces inspired by folklore, history, and nature.

Outside of his freelance work, he has been slowly but surely been illustrating his own tarot deck. The Courtly Beasts Tarot- along with a good deal of Matthew’s other personal work- depicts a fantastical world populated by anthropomorphic animals in elaborate costume, set within lush environments both botanical and architectural.