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Lost in the Forest

by Ron Lemen

Lost in The Forest is Oil On Board 4 x 6.5″ $400

I don’t think I will get sick of painting nature, especially lush forests, what we have left of them.


A Walk in Nature’s Cathedral….Amazon Rainforest

by Sally Garland

Time has passed,

Years since I left the forest,

For the last time

Yet still it holds me.

I close my eyes,

Wet with tears,

And I feel the forest hug me,

As an old friend.

The trees close about me,

The bird song stirs my heart,

And a deep longing fills me,

To see it one last time.

To walk in nature’s cathedral,

To smell the forest after rain,

To hear life like a heart beat,

Vibrating through the canopy.

Now only in my thoughts and dreams.



$400 $400

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I am an instructor, illustrator, concept artist, painter, juggler and read books a lot. I live in Southern California.