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Jorinda and Jorindel

by Ashly Lovett

A recent concept sketch for the story Jorinda and Jorindel, which will be featured in my next Kickstarter book “The Book of Fairy Tales.” Learn more here.

“There was once an old castle, that stood in the middle of a deep gloomy wood, and in the castle lived an old fairy that could take any shape she pleased. She flew about in the form of an owl, or crept about the country like a cat; but at night she always became an old woman again. When any pretty maiden or handsome young man came within her domain they were changed into a bird, put into a cage, and hung in a chamber in the castle. There were seven hundred cages hung in the castle, and all with beautiful birds in them.”

Drawing size: 5×7
Mat size: 8×10
Graphite on Strathmore Paper

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Known for her captivatingly ethereal artwork in chalk pastel, Ashly Lovett is an illustrator, writer and gallery artist. Inspired by folklore and mythology, she hopes to bewitch her viewers with a deep sense of wonder and dark nostalgia. She has done licensed work for FOX Searchlight, Jim Henson Company, Adult Swim, Netflix, SEGA, and more. She received her BA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design and has been published in Spectrum Fantasy Art Annual 22-27, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, etc. She lives in Louisiana with her husband Matthew, son Leon, and fat cat Skeletor (Skelly.)