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Harpy at the Two Doors

by Alexis Amann

Harpy stands between two doors – and tries to decide.

Acrylic gouache on Arches cover printmaking paper.
7.5″ x 11″ 2022

Work is unframed, and will be shipped flat.

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My art practice explores my uniquely personal narrative world of characters within a landscape that is a mix of mythical and natural, magical and mundane, part Oregon, part California, and part in-between Otherworld.

I make paintings, drawings, installations, illustrations, comics, and other objects that reflect this weird world—a place where you’ll encounter dancing fish, sentient turnips, werewolves, witches, harpies, magic cottages, mermaids, plants, monsters, and all manner of flora and fauna in between.

I was raised on the wild Oregon Coast, and have been based in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost two decades. I draw inspiration from the beautiful West Coast in both urban and rural environments – the city, forest, and ocean, of California and the Pacific Northwest. My work references and weaves together literature, mythology, dreams, natural history, fairy tales, and fantasy tropes, along with personal narrative, creating a resonant and unique visionary narrative world.

I earned my MFA in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute, and my BA in Drawing/Painting/Printmaking from Portland State University. I’ve exhibited my artwork in galleries widely, including Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, and around the San Francisco Bay Area. I also enjoy teaching art and have developed and taught classes and workshops on narrative drawing and intuitive drawing and painting that focus on guiding students to develop their own unique inner vision in their art practice.