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Between the Trees, Amethyst Brook

by Stephen Sengebush

Complexity and Simplicity

On a cold winter morning, the bare skeletal remains of trees and shrubs interrupt broad sweeps of untouched snow, waiting to emerge once more into spring.

The more I paint, the more interested I become in the problems of contrast.  Contrast of value, of color, or of saturation.  Build a painting on simple planes and shapes, then allow the eye to become lost in chaos and detail.  Which of the myriad branches and leaves to show, and which to leave out, to imply?  Use a confident brush to load the canvas with a bold stroke.  Then divide it with the sharpened edge of the palate knife, or soften with the smudge of a thumb.

Between the Trees, Amethyst Brook” is an original oil painting, 12″x9,” oil on lead-primed linen board, and mounted in a 3/4″ antique silver and black floater frame.

Height: 11"
Width: 14"
Surface: Lead-Primed Linen Panel

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Stephen is a plein-air and studio painter specializing in landscapes both real and imagined. He can usually be found in the woods of Western Massachusetts at early morning, capturing the interplay of light and shadow as sun filters down into New England's many brooks and cascades.