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心緒 (Shinsho)

by Hope Doe

Swallows are very common here in Japan, and during the spring time, they are everywhere building their nests, usually outside a building or home. It is illegal to harm or destroy a bird nest. So, often people find these birds as pest because all the bird poo as a result of their nesting.
I, on the other hand, adore them. I love watching them flutter around and their nests give a good opportunity to see little baby swallows.

4.3″ by 7″ (110mm x 180mm) sumi ink and liquid acrylics on Arches watercolor.  Fully framed. Frame is 8.8″ by 11.4″ (225mm x 290mm)

The Frame includes UV protection plexiglass but is not shown in the picture.

Product Height: 7"
Product Width: 4.3"
Product Surface / Material: Arches Hotpress Watercolor Paper

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Hope is an American artist currently residing in Mie, Japan. With her interests in Japanese traditional arts and growing up in a western culture, she creates a unique blend of the two influences. Her work has a strong sense of narrative, which contains a tinge of mystery and the unknown. Her artwork is often molds humanity with the natural world giving the sense that humanity is one in the same, and shouldn’t be a separate entity.

Her work contains a variety of mixed media, including sumi, graphite, oils, and watercolors.