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by Rupam Grimoeuvre

“Every night he waits

For someone to pass him by;

He lingers till dawn.”

Some time in the early 1700s, a young man got lost at sea. For three days and three nights he swam to reach nowhere; cried oceans, but no god and no man saved him. Hungry and tired he drowned the third night waiting for someone to find him. He’s still waiting. He’s still hungry.

Acrylic gouache on watercolor paper
~4.5 x 5 inches

Product Height: 5 Inches
Product Width: 4.5"
Product Surface / Material: Acrylic/Gouache/Colored Pencil
Product Surface / Material: Arches Hotpress Watercolor Paper

$275 $275

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Rupam, online represented as Grimoeuvre, is an award winning international illustrator living in Kolkata, India. His art is generally defined by its emotional darkness and its emphasis on characters and story. Sometimes he also attempts to write horror haikus and short stories in dark science fantasy.