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by Amelia Leonards

The Welsh believed that the first owl was Blodeuwedd, a woman made of flowers who was cursed to take an animal form for her crimes.*  She became Cauilleach – oidhche, the ‘Crone of the Night’, a silent, flitting figure haunting crumbling ruins and lonely, forgotten roads beneath the stars.

She is the end, the velvet twilight, the soft echo of worlds beyond.

Blodeuwedd and her children sound frightening, but don’t fear them- owls are one of the few creatures that can fly between realms, darting and dodging through space and time.  They are messengers and guides, teachers of deep, secret wisdom.  Don’t be afraid. . . let them light a path through the gathering dusk, and follow.


*Which involved rather spectacularly complicated infidelity featuring a goat and a bathtub- for more details, check out the Mabinogion. You won’t regret it.


This painting is pictured in an example frame, but she will be sold with only an ivory mat.  Why?  Because A) I would hate to rob you of the joy of picking out a frame, and B) the owl told me that she finds it easier to fly through the postal system without glass.  I don’t antagonize owls, it’s not wise.


Watercolor and White Ink on 140 lb Cold Press

Image size: 9.5 x 7.5″

Mat dimensions: 11 x 14″

Product Height: 7.5"
Product Width: 9.5"
Product Surface / Material: 140 lb Cold Press

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Amelia Royce Leonards is a graduate of Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, where she spent four years baffling her peers and professors with drawings of goddesses and antlered women. Her work is influenced by the beauty of ancient myth, folklore, and the natural world around us. She can usually be found somewhere deep in the woods, sketching odd creatures and eating chocolate chips.