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This Way

by Cassandra Brown

I imagined this majestic gentleman with one foot in the spirit realm and one foot in the living realm, ready to lead our souls across. I later learned there is a term for such a creature; a psychopomp is a guide of souls, who is not there to judge the deceased, but to escort them to the afterlife. Little did I know when I started planning this painting, that my father would pass away unexpectedly 10 days later, so it is also portentous.

This acrylic painting measures 9″ x 12″ on an oval birch panel and has a depth of 0.5″. The edges are painted and there is a wire hanger.

Product Height: 12"
Product Width: 9"
Product Depth: 0.5"
Product Surface / Material: Baltic Birch wood panel

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Cassandra Brown is an acrylic and digital painter based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Often influenced by nature, nostalgia and narrative, she tends towards the use of bright colours blended with detailed realism. She is often exploring concepts of memory and cultural identity, how the sum of our values can be recorded in what we choose to remember or forget.