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The Star Maiden

by Winona Nelson

My tribe, the Ojibwe, tells a fairy tale I have loved since I was a little girl – the story of the Star Maiden.

Once, long ago, a star looked down at the Earth saw what a wonderful life the Ojibwe people had, and decided to become one of them. But she was so used to living in the sky far away from other beings that she found living as a human in the village to be too noisy and full of activity. She decided instead to live as a flower near the Ojibwe people, and after trying a few different places she chose to live in the water where she could be among the reflections of her sisters at night. Some of those sisters came down from the sky to join her, and that is how water lilies came to be.

10 inch circular canvas with beadwork.

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Freelance artist based in Philadelphia, working in illustration, concept art, comics, and fine art.