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The Dandiest of Lions

by Heather Hudson

A 6″x 8″ watercolor painting of a very fine lion (the dandiest of lions, in fact) in a field of dandelions.

“The Dandiest of Lions” is a playful exploration of lions and dandelions and finally a dandy lion, perhaps even the dandiest of them all. I created this piece intuitively, but in the finished painting I recognize traces of the Cowardly Lion of Frank L. Baum’s original Oz books. The Cowardly Lion, who chose to act bravely despite knowing himself a terrible coward, was inspiring to a bookish little kid who was nerdy before it was cool. I loved those books as a child, and what we love as children resonates in our work forever.

Painting is offered matted and framed; frame size is 9.5″x 11.5″.  No rights transferred with sale.  All relevant import fees are the responsibility of the buyer.  Shipping to the UK is, alas, unavailable due to the VAT.

Product Framed size: 9.5" x 11.5"

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Heather Hudson (she/her) is a visionary artist in Washington state, USA. She is currently working on a fantastical tarot deck for US Games Systems.
Heather likes making art that tells stories and drawing mostly amiable monsters.