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Silken Thistle

by Nicole Grosjean

This tiny golden spider has spun an impressive web around an alluring thistle flower, in hopes of catching some lunch. She is busy repairing a hole caused by something a bit too big or powerful for her delicate web. This artwork is comprised of multiple layers of laser cut and engraved paper, painted in watercolor and gouache. The webs are laser etched into museum glass, so in the right light they should appear to be floating. This miniature artwork is only 2.5″ in a beautiful 6″ handmade wood frame, painted in black lacquer with gold details. Invite this little golden friend to hang around your walls and catch the attention of any visitors!

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Nicole Grosjean graduated with a BFA in illustration from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver, Colorado in 2008. She combines her passions for fantasy and craftsmanship into unique, multi-layered works of art. To her, there is nothing more valuable than an object an artist has created with their own hands. She endeavors to build pieces that are not only illustrations, but wonderfully complex environments in their own right. Nicole is constantly trying new techniques and pushing the boundaries of materials and mediums to bring her visions to life.

Her sculptural illustrations are patterned from detailed drawings, hand-cut, and then layered to create various depths depending on the size of the piece. The layers are then painted in watercolor and gouache, and are often back lit with LED lights.