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by Carisa Swenson

Many cultures have rites for purifying a person, or even an entire village, through the transference of “impurities” to an object or animal — which was then released or sacrificed. Inside each of these scapegoats is a compartment that houses a scroll upon which you can write down what you wish to rid yourself of. This trio will keep what you gave them so you can make room for better things.

Medium: Epoxy clay, acrylic paint, thread, paper, wool textiles, Czech glass beads (large scapegoat)
Size: 1.5″ H x 1″ W (small scapegoats), 2.75″ H x 1.5″ W (large scapegoat)

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Carisa is a sculptor and textile artist specializing in art dolls. With a background in illustration and a passion for mythology and folklore, she melds these interests together by spending her evenings sculpting and stitching life into various mythical creatures and beasts.

Carisa’s work has been shown in numerous galleries across the United States such as Modern Eden and Gallery 1988, as well as international galleries.

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