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Rosace 5 by SoMK

by So MK

I decided to let this one go away if someone wants to adopt it. I kept my eyes on her for a while, I find it soothing and balanced. I hope it will be able to bring joy to someone else now.

I made this design with Persian patterns in mind, its beautiful mathematical balance and elegance pushed me to work with plants.

The pigments I used are stable, you will just have to use a standard anti Uv glass to keep it as fresh as now for the years to come, as you would with any watercolours really.

The plants are used are Blue pea Indigo mix, Nettles, Alder gold, and for the two red, I could not use Madder as this pigment is too fragile, I used.. lichens. Xanthoria parietina for the purple and Xanthoria maritima for the red, two different macerations.

The white is egg shell white, slightly tinted by plant inks as well.

I added a border of Rose gold 23kt.

The painting is shipped with tracking with its mount/mat and safely sandwiched between foamcore boards.

If you have any questions, need more images or video, feel free to contact me!


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