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Phoenix Lovebirds

by Dan Cohen

Things feel really intense right now. Our community can feel so far away at times. Online engagement is all good and fine to get us through the hard times, but physical intimacy is so important to mental health that we shouldn’t forget what it’s like or be afraid of it in the future. I painted this piece to remind us that the clouds will finally part, we will be able to be physically close again, we will experience IRL affection, we will revel in our ability to touch one another. The dawn WILL come again, and if we allow ourselves, we will be born anew along with it.


10.5″ W x 13.5″ H Framed

Oil on Paper Mounted on Masonite

Product Height: 13.5"
Product Width: 10.5"
Product Surface / Material: Oil on paper mounted to panel

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Dan Cohen is a classically trained painter, sculptor and muralist. His work has been shown at galleries and events around the world – and on many buildings and walls.

Dan’s influences include world mythologies, occult sciences, and alternative states of consciousness. His signature elements – beautifully rendered forms, archetypal symbolism, Alien Deco designs – bridge the past and future, magic and technology.

He currently lives in Portland, OR.

“My Superhero Mission is to Re-Enchant the World. It’s all too easy these days to feel disenchanted, as though Magic and Wonder are dead and gone, encased in a tomb made of jaded cynicism and modern materialism. Magic and Wonder are still here of course, waiting to be acknowledged. Re-enchantment is attuning to the humming Soul of the World. It’s revealing the hidden layers of meaning that lie just below the surface of things. It’s playing with possibilities. It’s the feeling of a before unseen world crystalizing right before your eyes. Of peering into that unknown yet familiar world, then having the feeling that something is peering back.”

If you are interested in my work, please visit my website for other paintings, commissions and prints!

Website: dc-creativelabs.com
Instagram: @dancohencreativelabs