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Midnight Moth

by Tia Kinsman

Gracefully fluttering through the night like a faint ghost, the Midnight Moth is a psychopomp companion of my Mother Night.

Debuting my newest, largest coffin cameo frame in this special EDO offering! I sculpt and cast each frame myself in resin exclusively to house my original paintings. I aim for a unique and precious experience with each one.

The painting is done in watercolor and acryl gouache, including a special accent of color shifting watercolors in the decorative crescent and wing patterns.

Frame measures 9.25″H x 7″W  and comes with an attached metal chain for hanging purposes. The painting also comes with a special certificate of authenticity.

Product Height: 9.25"
Product Width: 7"

$230 $230

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Tia Kinsman is a New England based artist with a fondness for fantasy, nature, the macabre, and the occult. Her work is often whimsical, but with a dark story underneath. She enjoys using multiple mediums, mainly watercolors, pen & ink, or screen printing.