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Lift Off

by Catherine Moore

The frog sat alone on his lily pad dreaming of places far beyond the reach of his legs. strong as they may be. When up above a bunch of balloons floated by in the afternoon sky. The frog recognized this may be his only chance for adventure and leapt up to grab the strings of the balloons and happily glided away to places exciting and new.

Product Height: 24 Inches
Product Width: 8 inches
Product Surface / Material: Oil over acrylic on canvas

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Catherine Moore is a Bay Area based artist and illustrator. Her work explores the magic and mystery of what we do not yet understand with the beauty of what is already proven and tangible. Catherine’s paintings call the viewer to that marriage of classical and haunting beauty, resembling in subtlety and natural colorings the feeling of another time. With a background in traditional illustration her works often weave a narrative incorporating symbolism and dark humor. She often creates works inspired by movies, books, and folklore frequently focused on themes of the supernatural and imagination.

Catherine has exhibited in galleries across the U.S. and in Germany, Portugal, and Australia. She is currently represented by Peter Pop Art Agency for her commercial illustration work and is the co-host of the Off the Easel podcast. Catherine lives in San Leandro, CA with her husband, son, and a dog named Elvis.