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King of Cups

by Kevin Jay Stanton

The flower that represents the King of Cups is Centaury, named for the immortal Chiron from Greek mythology. Homer called him the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs.” In some stories he stepped on the herb which cured a mortal wound in his hoof while he was entertaining Heracles. He was renowned as a healer, an oracle, and a sagacious teacher for many students. As such, this card represents someone who is wise and good with their words. They’re sensitive and in touch with nature, and may have a healing touch. Their calm and learned surface may belie a raging storm underneath.

(From Botanica, my series of paintings for an upcoming tarot deck featuring magical herbs and plants)

6x8x.5″, acrylic and ink on wood

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Freelance illustrator with a green thumb and an xacto knife.

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