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HAVE A GOOD NIGHT little by little

by Chiaki Akada

‘HAVE A GOOD NIGHT’ is the series from 2018. (She keeps creating now as well.)

The moon is the mysterious motif and be seen often in her artworks with other motifs. In this series, she focused on the moon itself.  Like there is a bright moon in dark time of night, the hope should be somewhere in the hardest days. In those days, She wish you could sleep well so the title is  ‘ HAVE A GOOD NIGHT’.

In ‘HAVE A GOOD NIGHT little by little’, the leaves are covering the moon little by little as the waxing and waning the moon. When the leaves cover the moon and it does not look shining, the moon itself is still there and start making you shine little by little again.


60cm(23.6 in) in diameter

Oil pastel and gold acrylic paint on canvas

Varnish on top

Diameter: 60cm(23.6in)
Surface: On canvas

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Chiaki Akada is a Japanese painting artist based in Osaka, Japan.
Born and raised in Japan, studied Fine Arts in SUNY Mohawk Valley Community College in NY for two years then back in Japan, then started career as an artist.
Using oil pastel and scratching method, her works is detailed and fulled with the powerful colors.
She creates fantasy but reality, detailed and colorful works, and likes to put conflicting ideas in one piece of work.