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by Carly Milligan

The heat and peace of summer is coming to a close. The warm glow of light filters through the leaves to dance through this dryad’s hair as she scans her forest. She’s a good steward to her grove. We too should cherish and protect our forests.

5 x 7 inches
Oil on wood panel
Panel is one inch deep with the sides painted a lovely matte black, ready to sit, hang, or be framed as you desire.

To see more of my work please visit my website at https://www.carlymilligan.com/ and follow @carlymilligan on Instagram.

Product Surface / Material: Oil on wood panel
Product Height: 7 inches
Product Width: 5 inches
Product Depth: 1 inch

$450 $450

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Carly works to bring stories to life through her paintings, specializing in imaginative realism and figurative art. Growing up she was always a creative type and wanted to be everyone and everything, which explains why she’s always been drawn to stories. Nothing lets us explore other lives quite the way narratives do, whether they are told through paintings, books, games, animation, or photography. This love for narrative has drawn her to illustrating for fantasy and sci-fi novels. She has a chronic thirst to learn, explore, and experiment. Her academic background is a bachelor’s in zoology with a minor in chemistry. When not painting and experimenting in her studio you’ll probably find her in her garden or exploring the nearby mountains with her faithful and constant companion, Strider.