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by Carisa Swenson

Dexter is ready for fall, wearing a deep purple turtleneck and dashing plaid blazer. He looks forward to brisk walks in the birch forests near his lair, and warming up a cup of apple cider garnished with cinnamon afterwards.

Dexter is 6 1/4″ tall and 2 1/2″ wide and created using resin, Magic Sculpt, wire, glass taxidermy eyes, acrylic paint and textiles.

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Carisa is a sculptor and textile artist specializing in art dolls. With a background in illustration and a passion for mythology and folklore, she melds these interests together by spending her evenings sculpting and stitching life into various mythical creatures and beasts.

Carisa’s work has been shown in numerous galleries across the United States such as Modern Eden and Gallery 1988, as well as international galleries.

Other ways to support my work:
Enamel pins: https://wormwoodandrue.com