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by Pepper Raccoon

A re-entry in traditional artmaking, Descent is my exploration of a spiritual realm my mind turns to when seeking inspiration. This piece was inspired specifically by diving gannets in the bay in my home city of Wellington, New Zealand, they are beautiful birds who eventually go blind from the impact of the water on their eyes when diving.

Watercolour, ink, and gold ink on Lana Dessin 220.

21 cm × 29.7 cm
11.7 inches x 8.5 inches

Product Height: 11.7 inches
Product Width: 8.3 inches
Product Surface / Material: Lana Dessin 220GSM A4

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Pepper Raccoon is a digital and ink illustrator based in Wellington, New Zealand. She creates original artwork, as well as merch and commission designs for commercial and private clients. Drawing inspiration from the occult, the strength and graphic power of neotraditional tattoo, and the ebbs and flows of natural energies, Raccoon speaks in a language that describes a world beyond our own.

Favoured mediums include isograph pens, ink, watercolour, and digital. Subject matter extends across the botanical and animal kingdom into the esoteric and occult, with an eye towards balancing the volatility of our changing world with the stillness and magic of the cosmos beyond.