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Death Dawn

by Dory Whynot

Watercolor on cold press paper, 9×12″.

A portrait of, well, death. Or maybe the threshold between life and whatever comes next. Also a technical experiment in making “wrong” decisions with intention, like playing with unconventional “straight from the tube” colors, flattened depth, and a complimentary palette (I have always gravitated towards yellow and purple, and still always think about my painting mentor telling me that it was visually “irritating”). What do we know about anything, really. We can try to make sense of it all with measurements and rules and laws of the universe, things that might cognitively help in the moment, but somewhere along the way the logic bumps into inevitable chaos. There’s some reassurance in accepting it.

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Dory Whynot is an American artist based in the New England region of the United States. Working primarily in watercolor and ink, she focuses on portraiture and the human figure. She creates artwork through themes of nature, fantasy, romance, and the macabre, contextualized in the blurred threshold between physical and surreal states of being. Through her work she also likes to explore the concept of nostalgia and memories, and the physical sensations and emotional states that hold onto them, often taking influence from her childhood growing up in rural Maine.