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by Iris Compiet

The caps of the Amanita faery are vibrant red, a feature they are most proud of.
These little faeries lead a simple life, but certainly not meaningless and we do well to learn from them. The Amanita find happiness in the smallest of things and take time to appreciate what is happening around them. Should you find yourself overtaken by emotions too big to handle it is good to remember the Amanita and cherish the dewdrops in the morning or the last ray of sunlight in a day.

Iris Compiet, Faeries of the Faultlines


watercolor on Arches paper
dimensions approx. 7 x 4.5 inches
comes in mate frame

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Iris Compiet is a traditional artist from the Netherlands. She's an illustrator with international clients, exhibits in galleries around the world and creator of the Faeries of the Faultlines. A book written and illustrated by her, documenting faeries. Storytelling is an essential part of her artwork, and as an artist she strives to lure in the spectator, to make them feel a connection to the work and open a gateway to their imagination to ignite it even further. Her work has been featured in Spectrum, Infected by Art, ImagineFX, and Graphite Magazine.

“Iris Compiet’s work is an astonishing and masterful revelation of the Faery Realms. She is an artist who, with stunning alacrity, reveals the fleeting personalities of the normally unseen.”
— Brian Froud

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