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Wandering Wishes

by Kelsey Garland

I wish I could grow wishes

like I do weeds.

I wish I could pick them off one by one

wish by wish, hope by hope.

And dream them into existence,

like I do my memories.

If only life were so easy,

If only wishes grew on the backs of tiny bees.

spreading dreams and hope through the air

sprinkling a wandering wish right in front of you,

right when you may need it the most.


“Wandering Wishes”

Art Resin, Oil paint & Alcohol Inks, 9 x 11 inches, 2020


I use molds to create these unique Resin paintings. I start with a layer of alcohol inks and resin, this is the textures you see as the background of my paintings. I then layer with clear resin and paint directly on top of the Resin. I continue to layer resin over each painted image once it’s dry. The entire painting is finished with a shiny gloss coat and two saw tooth brackets are embedded in the back for easy hanging.

This painting depicts  two brightly-colored bees covered in tiny Dandelions that are blowing off gently in the wind. Next to the bees are two floating Dandelions, also blowing away. Behind the bees is a golden Honeycomb Hexagon pattern over the alcohol ink background. The entire painting is encased in clear resin and measures 9.5 by 11.25 inches, it is 1 inch thick and weighs about 4 pounds. there are two sawtooth brackets attached to the back for easy hanging.

for more of my artwork, past and future, please visit kelseygarland.com or @kelsey_garlandart on Instagram.





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Kelsey Garland is a Mixed Media Painter who uses ArtResin and Oil Paint to create unique three dimensional artwork. Her paintings often depict realistic animals or figures on top of a geometric pattern and an abstract alcohol ink background. She uses Resin to "layer" her paintings, alternating between detailed Oil imagery and thick layers of transparent Resin.

Kelsey graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle with a BFA in Fine Art. She is now a Stay at Home mom to two boys in the Tacoma area.