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by Angelika Rasmus

What does it mean to be a wallflower?
Maybe it’s not necessarily a bad thing like some people might think.
Maybe it’s about being more introspective,
spending more time in nature
and more time reading books.
Maybe it’s about noticing the smaller things
and making connections that are fewer in number,
but stronger in heart.


Mixed media on W&N hot-pressed watercolor paper.

10 x 7 inches (25.4 x 17.7 cm)


Height: 10"
Width: 7"
Product Surface / Material: ink, watercolor and colored pencil on watercolor paper

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Angelika is a Polish artist living in the UK. She works predominantly in watercolors and pencils, creating melancholic portraits and paintings with a hint of surrealism. Her work often features animals and plants as metaphors and symbols for many different topics. She takes inspiration from every day life and the rapidly changing connection between nature and humanity.