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The Silver Thread

by Allen Williams

She caught the creature purely by accident. She had been walking through the fields of her home playing with a strange gift. A silver string left to her by her great grandmother. It came twined ’round a delicate silver key and a note she hadn’t yet read. She had untied the key, put it in her pocket, and made a gossamer lasso. She tossed it in the air as if to lasso an imaginary pony and suddenly, feeling the chord catch on something invisible to her eye, she watched as this odd…thing, shimmered into view. The creature exuded a sense of calm and wonder. As it sat looking at her she read the note that had come with the gift:

“as simple as it seems, this silver chord, as it is, has come through our family from before we recorded such things. My great grandfather said that he was given it by his great grandmother, and so on and so forth back to the time when our family began. My great grandfather said he dreamed that it was a thread from King Solomon’s robes and, for what its worth, so long as you wear it you will come to no harm in this world or the next. But don’t worry, you can’t lose it, even if you try. It’s yours now.”


This original is on Strathmore 400 series medium weight drawing paper and is about 10 x 15″ in a 13 x 19″ frame.

This framed original comes with NO GLASS.

Product Width: 15 inches
Product Height: 10 inches
Product Depth: 1 inch
Product Surface / Material: Strathmore 400 Series Medium Weight Drawing Paper
Product Framed size: 13" x 19"

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Allen Williams is an award winning illustrator, concept artist and writer. From a young age he felt at home with a pencil in his hand drawing constantly. After starting college he found himself painting or drawing more than his assignments so he made the plunge and for over 25 years has applied his talents to everything from illustration for gaming companies, book covers, concept work for major motion pictures and television and personal work on display in galleries and shows across the United States, Europe and Asia.