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The Queen’s Astronomer

by Matthew Spencer

Known to be reclusive and introspective, the Queen’s Astronomer keeps himself distanced from the social affairs of the Winter Court.  Some say he’s shy, but those who’ve had the honor of sharing his telescope know quite a different story. His true love is the night sky and he will speak of its features at great lengths.

Inspired by the lonely tranquility of a night muted by snowfall, by crisp winter air, and the magic of endless constellations.

Painted in watercolor, gouache and colored pencil on 140lb Arches hot press paper, accented with 23K gold leaf.

The artwork is framed in a dark grey frame. Both frame and mat have been embellished by the artist to suit the theme of the piece.


Product Surface / Material: Arches Hotpress Watercolor Paper
Product Surface / Material: 140lb
Artwork Size: 11" x 14"
Artwork Size with Mat: 16" x 20"
Product Framed size: 19.5" x 23.5"

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Matthew Spencer is a queer illustrator from southeast Michigan.

He works primarily in ink, watercolor and gouache (often embellished with metal leaf), creating pieces inspired by folklore, history, and nature.

Outside of his freelance work, he has been slowly but surely been illustrating his own tarot deck. The Courtly Beasts Tarot- along with a good deal of Matthew’s other personal work- depicts a fantastical world populated by anthropomorphic animals in elaborate costume, set within lush environments both botanical and architectural.