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The Magic of Reality

by Rob Rey

In stories we fantasize of having the power to control invisible energy, of having a magic wand to harness that energy and affect the world in mysterious ways. However, having these powers can simply be a matter of perspective. All around us, through us, invisible electromagnetic energy is flowing. Radio, microwaves, and infrared transmit information which, with the proper preparation, we can and do use to affect a multitude of things. Like magic wands, our phones and other remotes can open garage doors, illuminate rooms, send secret messages, conjure food to our door, and make most of human knowledge available to us with just a few magic search terms. Reality is more magical than we could have imagined. To live the life of a witch or a wizard you only have to realize the power you wield.

Oil on Panel
6 x 8 inches
Study  for a larger painting

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Art to help make science a more meaningful part of our lives.

Through countless mythological and religious traditions, humanity has proven to have a deep-seated need for awe-inspiring stories and the experience of wonder. With a powerful resonance, these stories provide a framework for understanding where we fit in our communities, and in our cosmos. They can also give a us a feeling of shared connection and participation with the rest of humanity, helping us to show our more caring and compassionate side.

What are the resonant, positive, and awe-inspiring stories of today? How can our expanding scientific knowledge drive our enchantment with the natural world and grow our empathic interests toward our fellow humans? Exploring these questions visually, Rob hopes to promote or create the stories that best help us to achieve these goals.

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